Golf Tuition

Golf Tuition Manchester – Cheshire.

Golf tuition for all levels of golfer from beginner to tournament professional.

Golf tuition Manchester – Cheshire.

For example if you are a beginner and want to learn the basics of golf ? On the other hand A seasoned player who wants to improve on certain aspects of your game. With full swing analysis we can work with you to make those improvements.

With our golf tuition technology we can pin point the areas for improvement. Make your golf more enjoyable.

Above all we are totally dedicated to helping your golf game begin or improve and have helped many golfers reach their handicap goals and win tournaments.

Therefore Golf tuition at InSwing in the new indoor studio means we can always find a time to suit you.

As a result coaching all levels of golfer from beginner to tournament professional. Theory that there is a golf swing to suit every individual.


Swinguru Pro is a revolutionary all-in-one and marker-less golf swing analysis solution. Helping coaches improve their students and empowering players to get better.

Simply take a swing and Swinguru Pro instantaneously provides you with an in depth 2D and 3D swing analysis. Including 25+ body metrics on balance, rotation, bend, tilt, flex, lateral and vertical moves.

Just stand in front of your 3D camera and let Swinguru Pro help you see what the human eye cannot see.


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