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George Bresnahan graduated from Edge Hill University with a BSc Hons degree in Sports Therapy and an MRes degree in golf biomechanics. A member of the Society of Sports Therapists (SST) who ensure high standards of practice. Experience as a Sports Therapist induces working with Liverpool FC academy and Widnes Vikings RFC. Currently I work with elite and amateur golfers providing golf specific strength and conditioning, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and sports massage.

George Bresnahan

My goals working at Fairway Therapy are to provide a holistic approach to a golfer’s fitness and performance by providing everything they need under one roof in order to succeed.

Fairway therapy is based at Houldsworth Mill @ Inswing Indoor golf and can provide a range of services for every golfers needs. These services include; Injury examination and assessment, Sports massage, Golf fitness screening, 1-2-1 golf strength and conditioning, small group strength and conditioning and tailored fitness programmes.

Examination and assessment

  • Assessment of all peripheral joint and spinal injuries and aches and pains.
  • Relevant treatment and where appropriate providing a differential diagnosis.
  • Treatment can include rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, manual therapy, sports massage, frictions, trigger points and P.N.F.
  • Initial assessment would be up to 45 minutes and following sessions lasting 30 minutes.

Sports Massage

  • What is sports massage? Sports massage involves manipulation of the soft tissues of the body and focuses on muscles throughout the body.
  • What are the benefits? Reduced muscle tightness, increased range of movement and flexibility, improves scar tissue formation, improves recovery, improves performance and pain relief.
  • 30 minute and 1 hour sessions available.

Golf fitness screening

  • Having a personalised fitness regime is becoming more and more common amongst professional and amateur golfers and is a key component in a golfer’s preparation and practice. A golfer’s fitness programme will focus on key areas relevant to the golf swing and the bodies function and includes flexibility, strength, mobility, stability, power and cardiovascular fitness. In order gain an in-depth understanding of a golfer’s physical capabilities, a golf fitness screen aims to identify any areas for improvement which will directly impact on a golfer’s performance. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss arranging a golf screen for yourself.

Golf specific strength and conditioning (1-2-1 and group exercise)

  • Can tailor to both junior, adult and senior golfers going of academic literature.
  • Improves overall general health and fitness but more importantly can produce significant gains in golfing performance and injury prevention.

Tailored fitness programmes

  • Detailed and personalised programme for a variety of injuries and pathologies. It is advised to come in and see us to discuss your needs so the best possible programme can be designed for yourself.

For the athlete

  • Dedicated help and guidance for elite golfers wishing to further their career by looking to fine tune their game and fitness.
  • Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how fairway therapy can help your game.
  • Please email fairwaytherapy@outlook.com to discuss sponsorship opportunities available.

For game improvement

  • Dedicated help and guidance in order to help reduced your handicap and help you achieve your golf related aspirations.
  • Golf screening is an ideal way of identifying key areas to work on for many golfers and can be the first step in improving your game. 

Price list

  • Examination and assessment – £30
  • Injury rehabilitation 30 minutes £20 / 60 minutes £30 (Block of 6×30 minute sessions – £108 / Block of 6×1 hour sessions £162)
  • Sports massage – 30 minutes £20 / 60 minutes £30 (Block of 6×30 minute sessions – £108 / Block of 6×1 hour sessions £162)
  • Golf fitness screen – £50
  • Golf specific conditioning – 30 minutes £20 / 60 minutes £30 (Block of 6×30 minute sessions £108 / Block of 6×1 hour sessions £162)
  • Tailored fitness programme – £20

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Green Fees

Quick Practice 30 mins £7.00

Quick Practice 60 Mins £10.00

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2 Ball £15.00 One hour.

2 Ball £30.00 Two hours.

2 Ball £37.50 Three hours.

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3 Ball £20.00 One hour.

3 Ball £40.00 Two hours.

3 Ball £50.00 Three hours.

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4 Ball £20.00 One hour.

4 Ball £40.00 Two hours.

4 Ball £50.00 Three hours.

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Golf Tuition 30 mins

Junior ( Under 16 ) £12.50

Adult ( Over 16 ) £22.00

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Golf Tuition 1 Hour

Adult ( Over 16 ) £35.00

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