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Benefits of golfing simulators

With technology on our side we no longer have to bid golf farewell when the weather turns nasty or when we can’t make it out to the course. With a golfing simulator you can enjoy some of the world’s most famous courses without having to wander too far; you can even have a simulator set up in your own home, making it easier than ever to practice your form throughout the year.

You can head to your local golf pro shop to experience a golfing simulator or you can install one at home to receive these great benefits:

  1. Can be used in any weather

Golfing simulators can be used come rain or shine, so instead of pondering whether those grey clouds will develop into rainclouds before heading to your local course you can head straight to your simulator even if the heavens have already opened.

  • Perfect practice experience

Online tutorials, YouTube videos, and reading books can only develop your technique so far. The only way to really improve your golf game is through practice. When winter hits a lot of golfers miss out on months’ worth of practice and can end up a little rusty by the time they get back out there. Simulators provide the opportunity for golfers to improve their game through consistency and the honing of skills.

  • Finding your perfect clubs

Golfing simulators allow golfers to practice with numerous clubs in a single session where they can receive feedback from the simulator on their technique, showing them exactly which club is the right fit for them.

  • Finding the best ball

It isn’t just your clubs a simulator lets you try out. Trying out different balls is time consuming when out on the course, simulators make finding the right ball for your game much simpler by allowing you to trial several in a quick and easy way.

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How golfing simulators can improve your game

Many amateur golfers never reach their full golfing potential due to lack of practice. This is no surprise in the UK, where wintery weather is enough to keep anyone away form their local course for months on end. When practice makes perfect, its important that you have a space to keep practising, even when the weather is bad.

Golfing simulators can provide the perfect alternative to a time consuming walk around your local green and can even help you work on your form and improve your overall game. Here’s How:

Modern golfing simulators feature state of the art technology hat includes various training modes, custom settings that include weather, location, wind and tee height; and platforms that can recreate the exact feel of bunkers, roughs, and fairway surfaces.

Golfing simulators’ main appeal is their ability to provide instant feedback sign sophisticated swing analysis so you can see exactly what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Simulators can minimise days on the course into a couple of hours so you can fine tune your technique using detailed and accurate feedback.

Modern sensors are able to accurately track  club movement, the contact on the ball, the precise ball trajectory, showing you exactly where to improve.

The technology involved in modern golfing simulators is the closest experience to a real golf course that has ever been achieved via technology. These simulators an let you experience hundreds of the world’s most famous golf courses in varying weathers, making the best courses more accessible than ever before.

Talking about the weather, when the skies are grey and the rain is falling, getting out for a round of golf is a daunting task. But, with a simulator, you get to set what type of weather you want to play in meaning you can have sunshine all year round if you wanted.