Golf Simulators vs The Driving Range

Golf Simulators vs The Driving Range

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Every golfer knows that practice makes perfect in order to master the precision that is required to excel in the sport and shaking up your routine can be an effective way to iron out any creases in your play. After all, the average player tends to just take part in the odd competition and dabble in a few friendly games, and then there’s the driving range which is often thought to be a great place to work on those shots that rely on a powerful swing and a great deal of distance. With this said, the emerging popularity of golf simulator technology offers an intriguing alternative to put your skills to the test and practice with ultimate precision.

Statistical Feedback

When you are looking to focus on a specific technique, it can be beneficial to observe it from a multitude of different angles and find the approach that works best. Many golfers find that the driving range allows them to work on their swing, specifically those that revolve around distance and trajectory, without having to take part in a full game. The same result can actually be achieved with a golf simulator except the latter also provides statistical feedback on your play so you are able to see where appropriate changes can be made.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The weather is difficult to predict in the UK which means that many golfers will have an umbrella at the ready to protect their clubs, and sometimes a game may even be cancelled if the downpour is too heavy. This can make it difficult to progress on the driving range because you will be constantly battling against the elements whereas a golf simulator promises clear skies at every opportunity as the technology is enclosed indoors, allowing you to focus on specific techniques that can then be put into practice on the course.

It is no secret that the driving range will always be an effective practice tool in golf, however, it can also be utilised as a pastime too in order to take some time away from the nitty gritty aspect of the game. A golf simulator provides all the data a professional and/or amateur could ever need to excel, and even works as an effective team building exercise or birthday party activity. To find out more information about the differences between simulator technology and the driving range, get in contact with the best indoor golf Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the Inswing Indoor Golf team today!

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