A Simple Guide to Golf Scoring Terminology

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A Simple Guide to Golf Scoring Terminology

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Golf follows a different scoring system in comparison to popular sports like football, rugby and basketball which can be confusing for many beginners to grasp. After all, you ideally want to finish a game with a low score rather than a high score because this means that you took fewer strokes at each hole. Here at Inswing Indoor Golf, our simulators are designed to provide an immersive experience for golfers of all ages and experience levels, which means that being able to understand the scoring lingo can be critical to your play.

Explaining ‘Par’: Each hole on a golf course has a pre-determined number of strokes that are deemed ‘standard’ and this is known as ‘par’. It is a score that golfers will aim to match or outperform during a game. In a similar fashion, there is also ‘course par’ to contend with which is the number of strokes associated with the entire game itself over all 9 or 18 holes. In 1925, the Golf Unions Joint Advisory Committee of the British Isles was put together in order to assign Standard Scratch Scores (SSS) to courses across the country.

Birdie: A golfer obtains a birdie when they complete a hole with one fewer stroke than what is deemed standard, such as using 4 strokes on a par-5 hole or 3 strokes on a par-4 hole and so on. It is a shot often referred to as ‘one under par’ and is marked down as –1 on the scorecard.

Eagle: The names of golfing scores seem to follow a bird theme as completing a hole with two fewer strokes than par is called an eagle. In a similar fashion, it is referred to by golfers as ‘two under par’ who will write –2 on their scorecard. An example of an eagle is when a golfer uses just 3 strokes on a par-5 hole. 

Albatross (or Double Eagle): Using three strokes less than what is deemed standard for a hole is a score in golf known as either an albatross or a double eagle. A golfer who manages to obtain this feat will refer to it as ‘three under par’ and either used 2 strokes on a par-5 hole or just 1 stroke on a par-4 hole for example. It is denoted by –3 on the scoresheet.

Condor: Another bird-related score in golf is a condor and is theoretically achieved when a golfer uses 4 fewer strokes than par on any given hole. A score that is ‘four under par’ is incredibly difficult to obtain because the player would have to get a hole-in-one on a par-5 hole, meaning that most golfers who claims that they have made a condor could be telling a white lie or two. Nonetheless, it is typically marked down as –4 on the scoresheet.

Bogey: It is also possible for a golfer to take more strokes than deemed standard for a hole, and using one more is known as a bogey and referred to as being ‘one over par’. It is usually seen when the player uses 6 strokes on a par-5 hole or 5 strokes on a par-4 hole, for instance, and can be noted on the scoresheet as +1.

Double Bogey: In a rather self-explanatory fashion, a double bogey is referred to as being ‘two over par’ because the golfer uses two additional strokes than what is deemed standard for a hole. This score is noted down as +2 on the scoresheet. Rather than using different terminology, golfers will actually build upon the bogey score by referring to ‘three over par’ as a triple bogey and ‘four over par’ as a quadruple bogey, and so on.

Ace (or Hole-in-One): Achieving an ace in golf is an incredible feat, however the scoring terms themselves can actually intertwine at this point. Also known as a hole-in-one, this score is obtained when a golfer manages to get the ball into the hole in just one stroke from the teeing grounds, however this would also be known as an eagle on a par-3 hole. Traditionally, another golfer has to witness an ace for it to be considered valid.

There is a rich history surrounding the sport of golf and how it became the popular pastime it is today, and it is the spoils of 21st century technology that has allowed it to continue on this upwards progression. A simulator experience allows you to reap the full benefits of playing golf, perfecting your technique and fully grasping the lingo that every amateur golfer should know without the pesky problem of unpredictable British weather getting in the way. For all your indoor golf Manchester needs, get in contact with a member of the Inswing Indoor Golf team today.