Why Practice Makes Perfect in Golf

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Why Practice Makes Perfect in Golf

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The average golfer spends very little time on the course honing their skills, and this really shows when the sport gets competitive. It really is important to consistently work on the areas that trouble you in order to become the very best, and this level of consistency and dedication is an attribute that can be found in many seasoned professionals. After all, there’s a reason why Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Dustin Johnson are some of the biggest names in the sport’s history.

As a general rule, you should spend twice the amount of time on the putting green as you do at the driving range because this gives you a dedicated block of time to focus on developing a consistent stroke and making short putts. There is a common misconception amongst golfers that playing the game is the same as practicing the game, but the former merely allows you to become comfortable with golf from a situational point of view: teeing off, navigating troublesome trees and figuring out how to play in adverse weather conditions are all well-known aspects of golf as a sport. Whilst this is all valuable practice, most golfers will hover around their average because they aren’t actively working on their weaknesses and perfecting their strengths.

By definition, practice is the act of ‘rehearsing a behaviour over and over’ and this is a valuable way to take your golfing skills from 0 to 100 because we often learn through repetition. In golf, practicing specific techniques like putting and chipping can help you learn the best way to approach a particular situation and obtain the best outcome, almost like trial and error.  After all, the main aim of the game is to get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible.

Anybody who has ever watched The Open will know how long a professional golfer can spend deciding on their next move, and this is all down to skill and experience. It takes many hours of practice to develop confidence such as this and a lot of amateur and professional golfers will actually partake in drills in order to hone particular skills, hitting every ball with a purpose and a plan. After all, you have to practice like the best to become the best.

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